Digital Transfer

What better way to move your memories into the digital age than to have your old analogue media encoded to DVD, SD card, USB memory stick or HDD. In converting to a digital format we can edit, add titling and music, even menu and chapter points for ease of accessibility.

You will be amazed how fresh and enjoyable they will become. You can then watch your home movies on your DVD player, desktop computer, laptop, tablet and games consul. After all what is the point of having those special memories in your life if only a few people will get to view them. Have additional copies for friends and family and share those special moments.

We are happy to overlay copyright free music tracks which will contrast with the content. Alternatively submitted music of your choice can be used subject to the conditions of ‘fair use' copyright.

HDVSMedia have the professional facilities to deal with 8mm, 9.5mm & 16mm cine film and most tape formats plus audio formats including magnetic tape, and photographic material. We can also repair damaged tape and cine film. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination - we will do the rest.



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